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There is no better way to turn last years outfit into this years fashion than by sprucing up last years clothes with the latest fashion accessories. No one will notice your boots are a year old if youve accessorized properly. Here are some of the latest fashions and how to wear them to update your look.



Whether you combine different bracelets together yourself or buy them as a set, dont leave your arm looking naked. If you dont have much time to put together your own color scheme many independent designers sell themed bangle sets online. If you dont like the noise of a bunch of bracelets clinking together every time you pick up your coffee, some of them even come pre-hooked together or you can try a version with leather bracelets that dont make as much noise. Pick a color scheme that matches one or two colors or shades from your outfit and you are good to go!



These bold and beautiful necklaces are just the thing for a girl on the go. If you didnt have time to do laundry last night, and all you have left is that simple black shirt, add one geometric statement necklace and youll be getting compliments all day.



You dont need diamonds to make your hands shine this year. Cocktail rings are an inexpensive way to glam up your hands, and they are much quicker than a manicure!



This year less is more when it comes to earrings. You dont need to go out and get the latest piercing, you can simply work with what you have because this year large studs are back in. Dig through your moms old closet to find some of those studs she wore in the 70s because thats whats hot this year. Your wallet will be thanking you because studs tend to be cheaper than larger, dangly earrings.



Monograms arent just for Louis Vuitton anymore. If you only buy one statement accessory this year, this is it. These are simple elegant pieces that will go with anything. Get it in metal to match every look.



Although FBO (Facebook Official) has taken over the practice of wearing your boyfriends watch to signify that youre going steady now, thankfully you can still rock those mens watches. However, they are now much cuter and catered to womans styling, while still retaining that oversized charm. Try one in rose gold!


Cute ear warmers are all the rage this year. They keep your ears warm and show off your cute hair more than a hat! Printed scarves are an essential layer to any outfit and can help keep your neck and shoulders warm against that autumn wind. If you have one big enough, it can even double as a shawl on those days you forget your jacket. Dont be afraid to try new things when it comes to accessories. You might even want to try a pair of fashion gloves like leather in the fall and wool in the winter.


When fall finally hits youll want to be at the top of your game. Dont be afraid to brighten up those dark winter colors with some bright colored statement jewelry. A bright lip color can also stand out against the drab colors of winter. When it doubt, wedge it up. Winter wedge boots that you can wear high or roll low with denim are a staple to dress up any look.

Written by Elly Bethune, VP & Co-Founder of 9th & 9th partners. 

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